Preparing for a road show to the investment community puts the leadership team under immense scrutiny. Investors are making decisions not just on the numbers, but also the story and the people telling it. It's a critical moment for the image of the team and therefore essential that the team functions effectively as a unit, stays on message, and addresses questions consistently, regardless of who is responding.

ECG has worked with a number of clients preparing for their road shows - helping them create a story line around the data that makes a compelling case for their business prospects. A case that allows the top leaders to stand out as people who can deliver on their company’s potential.

Compell and Convince

At ECG, we realize that investors are not just evaluating the viability of a company during a road show; they are questioning whether the leadership can really succeed. Having a compelling story is only half the battle. Your ability to tell the story with conviction and credibility will allow you to make a lasting impression.

It's your ability to bring the ideas in the prospectus to life that will differentiate you in the marketplace:

  • Congruence between prospectus and road show: Sell investment thesis and take on skeptics
  • Analyze audience: Speak their language and adapt your story to them
  • Realistic business plan: Short term achievable and long term sustainable
  • Explain particulars credibly

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