Good Investigator Meetings are good business.

Investigator Meetings that succeed reflect a potent collaboration among clinical operations, clinical, regulatory, development, marketing and the company's training department. They must be designed to meet a variety of sponsor needs and, in doing so, to meet the needs of the investigators and coordinators responsible for the trials. Having worked on more than a hundred Investigator Meetings, we know how to facilitate a collaboration that produces success.

Create a Winning Strategy

ECG’s Principals are skilled at working with you to develop a communication strategy designed not only to inform and train your principal investigators and coordinators but to win their commitment to the trial, to the product, and to the company.

For Investigator Meeting projects, ECG:

  • Designs and helps conduct interactive training activities that improve retention and increase excitement
  • Assists in the preparation of instructional materials
  • Provides speaker/instructor preparation based on principles of effective communication and learning
  • Facilitates the flow and conduct of the meeting
  • Ensures that Investigator Meetings fulfill regulatory expectations
  • Arranges and manages logistics as needed

Our goal is to help you ensure the proper conduct of each study and thus increase credibility with regulatory agencies, reduce the likelihood that process-related issues will arise, and secure the integrity of your data.

Virtual vs. Face-To-Face

Exciting improvements in collaborative technology have made virtual Investigator Meetings more attractive. In addition, companies face growing financial pressure to reduce trial costs, often including virtual meetings as part of the savings. Consequently, these kinds of meetings have increased dramatically.

On the other hand, a face-to-face meeting brings investigators, coordinators, and monitors together with company representatives for a potentially collaborative exploration of a trial's conduct. These meetings also provide excellent opportunities to promote critical relationships with key influencers in a therapeutic practice area.

There are definitive benefits to both types of Investigator Meetings, and savvy companies must realize that choosing between these two types of meetings depends on company needs as well as the needs of the most important target audiences. We can help you chose the format (or combination of formats) that will improve your meeting, engage your audience, and give you the greatest chance for success.

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