Whether you are standing behind a lectern looking at the hundreds of faces, staring into a handful of microphones as reporters ask questions about your latest trial, or simply preparing a talk for your colleagues at the hospital, physicians need specialized and in-depth communication coaching to be effective.

Our Principals will help sharpen presentation skills, focusing on areas that can make an immediate impact. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • How to sound and look your absolute best
  • New techniques for delivering scientific information to groups of any size
  • Why slide geography matters
  • Overall presentation strategies
  • Slide transitions that drive the presentation’s key points
  • A refined sense of pace and the power of the pause
  • Physical techniques to connect with the audience—even in large rooms
  • Anticipating and responding to questions

When you, or the physicians that represent you, are looking to improve communication, delivery, or messaging, make sure a call to ECG is part of your preparation.

Please contact us via email or at +1-201-894-8200 to discuss your needs or to get further information about our physician speaker training services.