This committee addresses the full range of psychiatric drugs for indications ranging from neuroses to psychoses to addiction to attention disorders. PDAC examines the often-contradictory results across trials to tease out the real benefits and risks of these drugs. It is often faced with the challenge of trading off the risk of life-threatening side effects against the life-threatening risks of the targeted conditions and diseases.

Of particular note for this committee (and its members sitting as guest experts on other committees) is the impact of psychotropic side effects of non-psychiatric therapies. In the effort to discover more novel therapies targeting other organ systems or disease manifestations, we are seeing new signals and concerns that require evaluation and specific consideration. No example of this is richer in context than PDAC's work over the last decade in the area of suicidality. ECG is proud to have been involved with supporting client discussions of this important topic with PDAC through the years.

ECG has also supported clients whose products treat depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, agitation, ADHD, and heroin addiction. Among these, four of the products were transdermal patches, creating an additional set of challenges for our clients. Given the sensitivities and challenges associated with these treatments, strategically focused communication and effective use of outside experts proved critical to our clients' success.

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