Medical congresses are launching pads for new data through presentations and poster sessions, and it’s no surprise that companies spend enormously for these events – and for good reason!

Companies can use these events for trade show style exhibit booths where prescribing information can be shared and devices can be demonstrated, but also provide opportunities to speakers in large plenary sessions grouped by topics or designated as late-breakers. But no matter the approach to sharing information, the efficacy all relies upon effective communication.

For over 35 years, ECG has been the medical congress go-to source for scientific advocacy. Companies large and small utilize ECG when the efficient and exciting scientific communication is mission critical.

We can help with a rhetorical review to evaluate the clarity and efficacy of an argument, or coaching of a speaker who has one chance to release new data, or prepare the researcher to stand at their poster and effectively hold court and get messages across. Oral communication vanishes after spoken, so you only have once chance to get it right.

Insure your medical congress investment with ECG.

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