Business development, evaluation and licensing truly drives much of the action in the current Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device industries.

Identifying and evaluating products and technologies to build pipelines, expand portfolios, or strengthen R&D is a staple of today’s healthcare business environment. While the disciplines required for success are many and varied – scientific and legal review of intellectual property, financing structures, to name a few – the common thread is a sophisticated ongoing communication strategy. Communication adapted to various stages, stakeholders, and situations that must be consistently concise, precise and illuminating. This is where ECG has been an invaluable support to numerous clients through the years.

Pre-meeting planning, document development, negotiating strategies, and presentation coaching are all elements that ECG has delivered for our business development and licensing clients. Through our clients we have supported evaluation and collaboration agreements, in-licensing deals, broad partnerships, strategic alliances, equity investments, mergers & acquisitions, and out-licensing partnerships.

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