While medical congresses are essential for both trade show activities and scientific data sharing, certain activities within the congress are high stakes events for getting important messages across. Satellite symposia cost companies a great deal to secure and deliver, yet so much impact from these mutli-talk presentation sessions is never realized due to poor conceptualization and weak delivery. This is where ECG has been remarkably helpful for over 30 years.

Delivery problems are exacerbated due to the international audience. There is a proven need for neutral English in these situations, yet most speakers have issues using unique cultural references that do not translate well to an audience of medical listeners from around the world. Or, often the presenters are chosen to represent an international presence so English is not their first language.

In all cases, ECG’s Principals can neutralize English for native speakers and improve confidence for non-native speakers - all while assuring the best scientific advocacy for their talks and visuals.

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