Since the mid-1990's, the medical community has recognized pain as an element essential to patient evaluation and care. Today, many refer to pain as the 5th vital sign. This recognition of the importance of pain assessment and control has led to significant investment in the development of new agents for the management of pain. It has also spurred efforts to examine ways of improving the benefit-risk profile of older classes of agents through novel formulations and/or delivery systems.

ECG has been a part of many Advisory Committee meetings with the AADPAC, including those for new agents, abuse-deterrent formulation development, transdermal delivery systems, and agents targeted for use in patients addicted to various forms of pain medication. With seven meeting preparations for clients in the past decade, ECG has enabled clients to successfully contribute to the conversation that continues to evolve as scientific and medical breakthroughs lead to understandings that unlock more targets/opportunities for drug development.

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