Due to the important, powerful, and sometimes controversial consequences of FDA Advisory Committee meetings (or any critical health authority interaction), proper security is as important as success. This means peace of mind not just for yourself, your team, or your senior management, but for your company overall – knowing that crucial information and intellectual property is also comprehensively protected.

IT Services

Our trained, 24/7 on-site IT specialists ensure your communication is not interrupted. For AdComms at the FDA's primary White Oak location, we offer our AdComm IT Solution℠ to improve connectivity on site and remotely for all team members at this most critical stage of drug and device development.

ECG Security PIPE℠

Providing a complete safety and security solution is a critical aspect of meeting management and requires a multi-faceted strategy. To that end, we coordinate team member safety, secure IT infrastructure, and protect intellectual property in line with our ECG Security PIPE℠ (Personal, Intellectual Property, and Electronics) system.

Please contact us via email or at +1-201-894-8200 for further information about our IT services and security protocols.